Back Traction and Support Belt WG50 Double

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Back Traction and Support Belt WG50 Double
Disk Dr. back support belt and back traction device recommended for back treatment,

Disk Dr. back support belt and back traction device recommended for back treatment, lower back pain relief, herniated disc, sciatica, spinal decompression. Back support belt can be worn for 12 hours per session, depending on patient's medical conditions. Disk Dr. is available in USA on Medicare and other major insurance.

Disk Dr. Waist WG50 Double is a revolutionary medical back traction device, completely different from existing waist protectors that simply limit mobility of the spine. The Disk Dr. features a unique air pocket expansion system that helps combine both effective treatment and the relief of pain by helping to reduce pressure within the lumbar vertebrae.

Simple to use and wear

Simply wrap the Disk Dr. around your waist, put on the lower part of the belt first, then the upper part of the belt. The device should be fastened around the waist fairly snug, however not too tight. Connect the hand air pump to the air injection nozzle and fully inflate the belt.

The hand pump with with gauge model H/P is included with the belt. Inflate device until the needle in the air pressure gauge moves into the green-orange area (10/14psi). 

Disk Dr. WG50 Double comes in sizes from Small to 4XL. 
Disk Dr.Waist Recommended for:

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Herniated, Bulging disc
  • Degenerative disc
  • Lumbar acute/chronic sprain
  • Congenital weakness in waist
  • Low back pain caused by obesity
  • Spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis
  • Strenuous jobs requiring heavy lifting or long time driving
  • Low back pain of physical origin which need traction therapy

Disk Dr. Waist WG50 provides you with more support and traction, because it wider than WG30.

Important - Please ensure that your Disk Dr. order measurement is NOT YOUR TROUSERS OR PANTS SIZE, but is the measurement taken with a TAPE MEASURE around the largest part of your abdomen directly over your navel. 

What is a difference between WG30 and WG50?
All day-to-day activities can be conducted while wearing Disk Dr. WG30.
Disk Dr. WG50 is wider than WG30, so it provides more support and traction, but it's not comfortable as much as WG30.

Price Rs 18,290 

Recommended for

  • Lower Back Pain

  • Herniated Disc  

  • Bulging Disc    

  • Degenerative Disc 

  • Sciatica 

  • Spinal Stenosis 

  • Spondylolisthesis 

  • Spinal Decompression 

  • Failed back surgery syndrome

  • Lumbar acute / chronic pain

  • Herniated disc patients before / after spine surgery

  • Strenuous jobs requiring heavy lifting and bending, prevention

  • Congenital weakness in the waist extended sitting, long distance driving

  • Those who are engaged in sports or occupations that need to use waist a lot

  • Low back pain caused by obesity, Low back pain of physical origin which needs traction therapy

Product Info

The Disk Dr's patented, vertically expandable columns provide secure mechanical support for the lumbar vertebrae. The air inflated belt acts to provide a butress action between the lower part of the rib cage and a patient's hip, diverting weight bearing forces away from the lumbar spine and thereby reducing intra discal pressure.

Unique and patented air-traction design sets it apart from all other available back supports which are intended solely to restrict movement of the lumbar spine. The Disk Dr. not only provides superbly comfortable support but has the added benefit of applying gentle traction to the lumbar vertebrae, thereby reducing intra-discal pressure and providing speedy and effective relief of pain.  

Active Life-style, support, flexibility and comfort

The Disk Dr. combines both excellent support and flexibility. For those who participate in sports of have an active lifestyle, the Disk Dr. allows a high degree of mobility while at the same time providing security for the weakened lumbar spine.

Disk Dr. manufactured under the following standards.

  • ISO 13485 Certification by SGS in England (International Quality System Medical Devices)
  • ISO 9001 : 2000 (International Quality Management System)
  • FDA ER No. 9611754 in USA
  • Medical instrument license: No.05-879
  • Medical instrument manufacturing license: No.651
  • Patent No.5980560 in USA, Patent No. 128635 in China
  • International Application No. PCT / KROO / 00368
  • Notification No. BE / CA01 / 2-03702-000011 Belgium
  • Notification No. BE / CA01 / 2-03702-00002 Belgium
  • Clinical consultation: Department for Orthopaedic Surgery, Inje University, Seoul Paik Hospital, Korea
  • CE Mark


I have been using it daily and find that it really relieves back stress. i have a scoliosis and with age my rib cage is sinking more and more into my hips and that causes some pain which i happily find the belt remedies. this was a great purchase and worth every moment of wearing it. RELIEF! .. I would like to add that wearing the belt while sitting at the computer for hours helps me beaware of not collapsing into the scoliosis curve which in part causes pain but also helps aid the curves decent - Lesleigh Goldberg, New Delhi, India


The Disk Dr. WG30 belt has made a significant contribution to my mom's rate of recovery. She is using it and it's helping. I just spoke with her. Thank you very much  - Mohammed, Kerala, India


I've found a lot of pain relief when wearing the Disk Dr. belt, sometimes more than other times. If I'm not wearing it I'm usually in a lot of pain. Over the past 20+ years I have tried loads of belts and supports, been to physios and osteopaths seen my G.P. lots of times, done loads of exercise, with little help or improvements in pain or mobility, but the Disk Dr. WG30 has really helped with the pain unlike anything else. I have tried other belts before, but I was so desperate to get some pain relief that I took the chance, and am so glad I did. It has really helped me with the pain, being in bad pain is so depressing and Disk Dr. has helped me. I would give the Disk Dr. 9.5 out of 10. Thanks it is a really great product, and am so glad I got it - Trevor, London


I find my Disk Dr. belt excellent for a number of reasons as I have had two discs removed following sporting injuries in the past and now I suffer from discs slipping / moving periodically. I'm in my sixties but still enjoy golf. I find that I can wear the Disk Dr. belt as a preventative measure when playing golf and long distance driving without discomfort or loss of turn movement. When I have pain I fit the belt and leave it in place for up to six hours. I find that the insertion of air actually causes the back to stretch and I can feel  the discs separate which allows spinal cord to move away from the disks and relief the pain. - Colin, Purley, UK


I am really satisfied with the Disk Dr. belt I have received from your site. I started gaining good pain relief and so I started recommending it to people I know who were suffering from back pain. The person who recommended this belt to me, told me that he gained 100% relief after approximately 3 months of use. I am really impressed with the engineering behind this belt as it does really do wonders. Thank you very much for your customer support, great service! - M. Abdalla, UAE


I thank you very much. My pain have reduced about 70 %  now and i am feeling much better. - Sunil Gupta, Kolkata, India


It's now been 8 month I used Disk Dr. WG30 every day 6 hours, now I use it on and off as needed. I am very impressed with Disk Dr. belt and recommended it to a few of my friends. The development of the belt really helped me recover much faster. I am very happy with this product. Many  thanks - Andro, Greenford


I received the WG30 today, very quick. I now have it on and it feels good so hopefully it will do some good. Thank you very much for your quick service. - Ramani Ghoshal, Delhi


Outstanding really friendly and helpful. I received more information than I was expecting. Would recommend to other back pain sufferers. - Thomas, Kent 


Disk Dr. WG30 is a great product  - best one I could find on the internet - James, London


My back kills when I`ve got to drive long distances I have to make sure I stop and walk around. But now with Disk Dr. I can drive non stop. Excellent -  Marc, Wales 


Very impressed with Disk Dr. I was expecting standard delivery but it arrived next day. Thank you - Sue, London 


Your service is over and above what can normally be expected from most companies these days. I am most grateful - Alan, County Down


As an ageing golfer, my WG30 back support has given me a new lease of life for which I am extremely grateful. I wear it during my round and find it extremely light, it's not restrictive and also lifts the pressure on my back in a way no previous support has done. Many thanks - Colin Murphy, Alicante


I bought the belt Disk Dr. for a friend whom I work with abroad. He says it's brilliant, an excellent product - Colin, Northumberland 


I am very satisfied with the Disk Dr. belt, it is really helping me - Viviane, UAE/France